When is the Best Time to Move?

I have been writing this newsletter to you all for over 3 years with an attempt to provide you with the thinking in the real estate market, price trends, real estate trends, why things occur when they do (or don’t), and a host of other date and information in the area of real estate. Other do this as well and the burden of taking in all this information may seem to be overwhelming (if you care about it; a highly positive thing) or a waste of time to read (again, maybe a good thing).

You may see opinions that do not agree with each other, highly positive rationale on why you should be buying or selling at some point in time, often urging you to do so as ‘this opportunity may not happen again for a long time.’ I admit that I have done this but not with the intent to make you feel that if you do not act, all is lost.

My intent is to provide you with information that will benefit you at any time. The reason for this is something I have not mentioned is any of the newsletters I have published that I can remember. This is because I deal in the real estate market daily and my oversight of the information I give out relates very strongly with my daily interaction with the market.

TO the point, the best time to move is,…WHEN YOU DECIDE IT IS THE TIME TO DO SO. No other reasoning will replace the fact that you are not necessarily going to move because the market is going up or down or whether mortgage rates are increasing or declining. You may incorporate some of what I write into your thinking or using some other tools available to you (many of which we can provide, of course) will help you decide the correct time.

What is more important to both the homeowner, the home seeker, people who hold investment property have other and much more important reasons than the condition of the market. Change in income, modification to an investment strategy, improvements in your living quarters, downsizing or many other reasons that are unique to you outweigh any of the reasons that we (or anyone, for that matter).

If you are considering a move and you think now may be the time or if you want some help in making a decision supported by market information, please consider giving us a call. We can provide you a lot of data and information about the decision to make a move is left up to you. We will take all of the time you require to help, provide custom information to send you on a schedule that you specify, and promise to not bother you when you need the time to think about what to do. When it is time, please give us a call at 925-308-7045 and we will be thrilled to discuss it with you!

Posted on November 29, 2019 at 10:29 PM
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