Opportunity Abounds!

A potential bonus to those who thought they may have missed out on lower mortgage interest rates! With all of the uncertainty in the market around both the trade war possibilities between Chine and the USA as well as the saber rattling in the Middle East and the fact that North Korea is shooting rockets far too early to mistake them for a 4th of July celebration, interest rates have again taken a fairly significant drop of about a quarter of a percent. That does not sound like much and if the rates were in the 8-10% range it would not be. But we are near the 4% range again, and possibly lower with some creative thinking on your lender’s part.

All of this coupled with a significant increase in housing inventory for sale gives the savvy home buyer an opportunity that I did not see a month ago. Take the time to talk with us about the situation (which can change quickly) and let’s get you into a home in the next month before the actual 4th of July!

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Posted on May 11, 2019 at 3:36 AM
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